Stephanie in TX said..."All of my plants survived (vacation), even the ones in the container with the medium olla. We do love our large ollas (too). We have them in a number of galvanized stock tanks that we use as planters. Thanks again."

Sarah in the community garden...  Oh your OLLAS are a godsend!  They really make it so much easier to keep the garden watered as we run entirely off rain barrels & have no water source on premises.  

Mary's saving water... Love my OLLAS in my Parker, TX garden, have two and will add two more...then who knows how many with our water restrictions & less rainfall. 


Kathleen's butterfly garden...  We are establishing a butterfly habitat down here at the Loma Brisa Ranch! Most of the plants will be native and we will have two small gardens for more cultivated flowers and herbs. We are sheet mulching over the spring and summer months so that the soil is ready for planting in the fall. The OLLAS are ready! Thank you for the perfect watering system!


Keith from ArizonaThe OLLAS definitely lived up to the hype. They worked efficiently and made watering easier.


Sherry’s perfect tomatoes...           I am excited to have pulled my first Celebrity tomato this morning! I have a DS OLLA, using it in a raised bed at Common Ground in North Richland Hills.
My tomato is visually perfect — no cracks and no blossom-end rot.  I am very glad that I did not try 4 tomato plants in a square, however. My fourth plant is a pepper plant. If one did 4 tomato plants, which grow up and out, I could easily see the gardener putting their body into contortions, crawling and trying to reach the lid. 


Matt’s too busy...  I love my olla so much that within a month I bought five more, all for my little 4×12 foot plot. I’m very busy and often don’t get a chance to water for days at a time. The Dripping Springs OLLAS repeatedly save my plants from certain death in the Texas sun.


Joy needs more...  I just purchased one of your OLLAS at the Tree House store in South Austin. I am very excited about the purchase and just finished installing it. I will buy one each payday until all raised beds have been ollaed.


Victor’s Citrus... I *love* your products! They are keeping my lemon and lime trees very happy this summer. 


Fellows Riverside Gardens at Mill Creek MetroParks in Youngstown, OH... The Ollas worked great this summer.  We had our Garden District kids measure rainfall each Tuesday and chart it.  The filled up the Ollas every Tuesday during class and then on Friday.  Rainfall in Youngstown Ohio was-

-7 inches in July

-5 inches in August

-2 inches in September.

The Ollas in the raised beds helped tremdously.  2013 season, the plants dried out constantly even with drip irrigation once a week.  This year with the Ollas, the plants did much better and did produce fruits.  We did not fertilize the beds or amend them in any way.  I believe that the Ollas were the reason for such a great season. I know that we had a lot of rain, but I never had to use a sprinkler or a hose to water the plants.  We are charting this info for a science project with the kids. 

We love OLLAS.  They had taught my children responsibility and mostimportantly, not to waste water.

Donelle with Garden Inspirations... We work with several interns at the house and we noticed when we ask them to water a square foot garden that they are not watering deep enough. So my mother showed them the square foot gardens with an OLLA pot is moist all the way down but the beds that we are watering by hand that do not have a pot are dry to the bone.


Jim's strawberries...  The OLLAS are specially good in barrel containers. Strawberries are doing great. I experimented with, one with, one without. The one with a DS OLLA out produced the one w/o 10/1.

Mitchell  in VA... I can tell you I have nothing but “HIGH PRAISES” for them. My plants performed in the containers beyond my wildest dreams...nasturtiums planted in the container with the OLLA watering system, everything planted with this OLLA is huge and it is only the end of May!